Ascension Mastery Through the Twelve Universal Laws

Through our many lifetimes, the aim of everyone who incarnates on schoolhouse Earth is spiritual ascension. Just prior to our arrival, we are tasked by our higher self to learn and master a set of lessons — both individual and collective — created to assist us in our awakening process. Often our soul will have us to return to Earth to experience similar situations and relationships in order for us to resolve our challenges and ancestral karma.

Everything in our universe is made of energy, and governing it are twelve Universal Laws that deal with this spiritual energy, much like our laws of physics.

Our understanding and employment of these laws enable us to see the underlying mechanisms of our universe and to become successful co-creators of our own reality. The importance of these principles stems from the ubiquity of their relevance in our lives.

1. The Universal Law of One
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of One is that all is One, and that all things that exist are ultimately of the same consciousness within many forms and configurations. We are currently in the fourth density of planet Earth, which is the density for mastering this Universal Law. As we come to understand this Law, we come to know that our every action, thought, and choice has a corresponding effect in the collective consciousness as well as our own individual lives.

2. The Universal Law of Relativity
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Relativity is everything is relative and everything we experience in the physical world manifests through our comparison of it to something else. One would be unable to define light without being able to compare it to darkness, unable to define unconditional love without first experiencing the absence of love. Comprehension of this principle also provides one with the ability to view one’s trials and tribulations from a higher perspective, as it demonstrates that all that is needed in order to change one’s experience of reality is to shift one’s perspective.

3. The Universal Law of Perpetual Transformation

The guiding principle of the Law of Perpetual Transformation is that all Universal energy or consciousness is in a constant state of movement and change through the application of the twelve Universal Laws. It is through learning this principle one understands that positive thoughts, emotions, and actions transform lower vibrational energies into higher forms (and vice versa).

4. The Universal Law of Compensation
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Compensation is intertwined with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma. This law states that the Universe compensates for every action equal to the energy we invest. It is when we are compensated (for better or worse) for our deeds and actions; we reap what we sow.

5. The Universal Law of Vibration
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Vibration is that all matter, energy, thought, emotion, and consciousness in the universe has its own unique frequency of spiritual vibration. The reality we create is a reflection of our dominant vibration — manifested by our feelings, thoughts, and actions — and we build relationships with parts of the universe with which we are in spiritual resonance.

6. The Universal Law of Attraction
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Attraction is that the energies produced by all of our thoughts, emotions and actions attracts like energies in return. This is how catalytic situations, events, and relationships manifest into our lives. Positive energies attract positive energies, and negative energies attract negative ones. As with all of the Universal Laws, this principle applies to both individual and collective consciousness.

7. The Universal Law of Correspondence
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Correspondence is that everything in the physical world has a corresponding counterpart in the etheric. All that one experiences in one’s external reality is a direct reflection of one’s inner world. (Hence the saying, “As above, so below.”)

8. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, also known as Karma in Buddhist philosophy, is the idea that for every action, thought, spoken word, and emotion, there is an equal reaction or consequence, which must manifest in the physical world.

9. The Universal Law of Action
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Action is that one must take some action in alignment with their goals and desires in order for them to manifest in one’s own reality.

10. The Universal Law of Polarity
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Polarity explains that there are two poles within everything in the universe; everything has an opposite. This principle is well demonstrated through such manifestations as light and dark, the divine masculine and the divine
feminine, yin and yang, hot and cold, and love and hate. It is only through understanding this principle that one can make a conscious choice regarding with which polarity one prefers to align along one’s spiritual path.

11. The Universal Law of Rhythm
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Rhythm is that everything in the universe moves to specific rhythms much like a pendulum swing which establish all cycles of development. This law can be observed in cycles, such as our cycles of life and death, the seasons, the tides, planetary cycles, astrological cycles, the
economies, and the feminine and masculine reproductive cycles. (Yes, the masculine has its own reproductive cycle…) The key to mastering this law is to find our center and balance.

12. The Universal Law of Gender
The guiding principle of the Universal Law of Gender governs all of creation and manifests as masculine and feminine qualities throughout everything that exists in our Universe. To master this principle is to know how to be a whole and harmonious being within our collective.

I hope this article will ignite a desire within to deepen your understanding of these twelve universal laws to support you in your highest transformation.

Peace and love,


Joy Jackson is a psychic/medium and intuitive in the Pacific Northwest

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Ascension Mastery Through the Twelve Universal Laws

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One thought on “Ascension Mastery Through the Twelve Universal Laws

  1. to find something or someone to love in a way that transends known definitions of what love is to find unwavering solidarity regardless of outcomes or inhibited by circumstancial emotions. it is undeniable regardless of outside influence and is self sustained. it requires no belief in it to remain solid and unwavering without condition. Thanks Tiger. David Theodore


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