Homemade Kombucha {Step by Step}

rooted and growing

Preparing my first batch of kombucha was a long ordeal. Like…quadruple the amount of time it would take a pokey, middle-aged granola bum who stops every so often to flip through Birds&Blooms and water her cucumber plants, long time. I’m talking about a solid two hours just filling a big jar with hot tea, making sure everything was well sterilized, and painfully measuring out ingredients, all for about two bottles of liquid.

But it was totally worth it, and with some practice, the prep is now considerably less time consuming. The process can seem intimidating at first, but after a couple batches, you’ll be a pro.

The Basics

  • Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic tea that has been around for about two thousand years and originated in China.
  • The fermentation occurs when a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) digests the sugar and tea.
  • Health Benefits:
    • rich in antioxidants
    • improves

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