Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #1 – Galactic Alliances – SSP (Video and Full Transcript)

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Full Video Transcript 

Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the first video in limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” — or “TNG” for you Trekkies out there.

Extraterrestrial disclosure is the controlled dissemination of information about our history of contact and common origins with sentient life beyond our world. Viewers new to Star Trek: TNG will be introduced to a 24th century starship crew, diverse in species and background, as they explore the galaxy on behalf of a galactic alliance known as the United Federation Of Planets, as part of its exploratory and defensive arm, Starfleet.

The highlighted episode for our first segment in this series is actually the original 1987 pilot for the series, entitled “Encounter at Farpoint”. Our area of interest is the Federation itself, a galactic alliance in action, and how its on-screen representation parallels information in disclosed reports of actual interspecies alliances believed to be at work today.

In this episode the Starship Enterprise travels to the remote Deneb system to negotiate with the Bandi, a species desiring admission to the Federation. Enterprise Captain Picard and his crew are diverted from their assignment on their way to the Bandi planet and confronted by an omnipotent extra-dimensional entity known as Q, who puts Picard and all of humanity on trial, forcing the captain to explain and defend the value of the Federation and its mission.


So how does this Star Trek episode relate to our reality? From the midpoint of the 20th century through today, informed individuals have disclosed the existence not only of sentient extraterrestrial life but also of our cooperation with these lifeforms toward mutual goals in space.

The Secret Space Program, or “SSP”, is believed to be a group of covert exploratory programs conducted by the American shadow government and other elements of the global elite in cooperation with extraterrestrial entities. Just as in Star Trek, different factions from Earth and beyond have different primary goals, from the simple control of wealth and power to the altruistic raising of consciousness for all beings.

It is understood and revealed in disclosed reports that five different secret space programs have come into being in recent decades, and the oldest of these, Solar Warden, appears to have been engaged actively in specific intentional disclosure activities for the common good.

In the “Farpoint” pilot episode of The Next Generation, Picard’s Executive Officer, Commander Riker, acts as liaison between the Federation and the Bandi, a society seeking induction to the Federation and attempting to curry favor with Starfleet by providing them with outpost facilities on their planet.




Unknown to the Enterprise crew, the outpost complex offered by the Bandi is actually a huge sentient shape-changing life form, capable of shifting its form to fulfill the needs of the humanoid inhabitants dwelling with in it. This based-size being has been captured, imprisoned, and subjugated by the Bandi, made to form itself into the perfect Starbase against its will. The Enterprise crew grows suspicious and must investigate to learn the truth about the Bandi and their dark secret.




These on-screen fictional events parallel information revealed by SSP insiders regarding different factions within the Secret Space Program and the real struggles that arise from their incongruent perspectives and moral parameters, which are as different from one another as those of the Federation and the Bandi are on the show.

The group of benevolent higher-dimensional entities assisting Earth’s evolution known in the SSP as the Sphere Being Alliance, as disclosed in the Ra Material from L/L Research and by insider Corey Goode, could be viewed as analogous to the fictional entity Q in Star Trek, a higher-dimensional being that engages with the Federation’s Starfleet — or, more specifically, Picard and the Enterprise — and intervenes in their pursuits.8F7B57EC-7BA3-4B3D-A768-EE03EEDD8606.jpegHowever, some obvious differences are apparent. Q appears at first to be an almost chaotic force, variously threatening, mocking, inquisitive, and playful as he subjects Picard and the Enterprise crew to his judgment; in actuality, Q actually challenges Picard to push past the surface appearance of the situation he faces on his mission and, upon discovery of the truth, serve to right the wrong and uphold the very values of freedom and peaceful coexistence that the Federation holds dear and upon which the Bandi have chosen to compromise to gain political advantage.

In contrast to this Star Trek story, the higher-dimensional Sphere Beings described in disclosed SSP accounts are not nearly as direct in their interaction and intervention with humanoid species of 3rd and 4th densities], except when engaged in action intended to prevent endangerment on a planetary or system-wide scale.F23A18BC-372A-4717-8262-EA6DB0EC9CE5

Thank you very much for watching. I have placed links for the relevant TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below. I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video. I hope you have enjoyed this video, and I encourage you to like, subscribe. and share it with your friends.

Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

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Joy Jackson is a professional psychic medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.


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