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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the second video in
a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial
disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes
of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star
Trek: The Next Generation”.

If you missed our first episode, be sure to check that out, not only
for an introduction to the 24th Century Star Trek universe and the
United Federation of Planets but also for some key definitions and
concepts that will be helpful as we discuss how the depictions of
events in the show may actually parallel our own reality.

Our topic for discussion in this segment is time travel and parallel
universes. You might wonder how an examination of a fictional show
about space exploration dovetails with the idea of time travel and
alternate realities. Well, for decades, noted mainstream theoretical
physicists and cosmologists including Stephen Hawking have advanced
the idea that in essence vehicles capable of speeds very near or
beyond the speed of light wou.  be not only “rocket ships” but also
time machines, owing to the interconnected nature of the four physical
spacetime dimensions that define our common perception of reality. The
distinction is blurry. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise new Next
Generation viewers to learn that since its Original Series inception,
Star Trek has been heavily involved in telling stories of travel
across both time and space as well as into other dimensions, many of
which aired during TNG’s seven seasons.

So, there are three highlighted episodes related to this segment’s
discussion of time travel and parallel universes: Season 5’s “Cause
and Effect”, “Parallels” from the final season, and the Season 5
cliffhanger “Time’s Arrow”. Taken together, these Trek episodes
explore a multitude of fascinating concepts concerning the infinite
nature of spaceitime, concepts that have also come to light in recent
disclosure reports concerning our extraterrestrial connections and
explorations today. Spoilers ahead!

Cause and Effect



In the episode “Cause and Effect” the Starship Enterprise encounters a
temporal causality loop; while “going boldly” into the unknown
anomaly, a catastrophic collision occurs, leading to the complete
destruction of the ship with all hands lost! Hours before in an
alternate timeline, virtually identical events on board the Entrprise
move toward the same fateful outcome, but members of the crew
experience a sense of deja vu, alerting them to the strange nature of
what is to come but in a manner too late for them to avoid it. Through
a series of iterations repeating this same loop of time, the crew
divines its circumstance and learns to communicate across iterations, sending the information necessary to avert the disaster. This fascinating episode illustrates many important ideas about the possible nature and practical applications of the flow of time. These same concepts appear in disclosed Secret Space Program reports, suggesting ways that higher-density lifeforms may perceive and control spacetime in ways we don’t — yet.


3E134194-A51D-440B-9EFA-25E7927343F1The next highlighted episode is “Parallels”, in which Enterprise
Security Chief Worf returns to the starship via shuttlecraft and
encounters a spactime anomaly. After docking, Worf and his crewmates
discover discrepancies of facts and phenomena, revealing that Worf is
shifting through alternate realities caused by this rip in spacetime
that threatens thousands of alternate Enterprise crews pulled to one
point from across many dimensions. Working together, the crews from
these alternate realities are sent home safely when Worf pilots his
shuttle back through the fissure. Only Worf has any recollection of
these strange events, and he begins to use this knowledge of his lives
in other realities to move toward a brighter future. This TNG episode
employs the Many Worlds interpretation of real-world quantum mechanics
theory, in which an infinite set of realities comprises all possible
past and future events. Disclosure informants report that there are
higher-density lifeforms who can perceive and manage events in
parallel realities toward specific ends — and if you understand and
subscribe to this concept, you cannot help but argue that “It’s



Times Arrow 



In the exciting two-part episode “Time’s Arrow” the Enterprise is
recalled to an archaeological excavation on Earth in 24th Century San
Francisco, where the decapitated head of the android Operations
Officer Data has been found buried in 19th Century strata, presenting
a temporal paradox. Evidence leads the crew across the quadrant to a
portal on an alien world that sends them back to San Francisco again
— 500 years in the past — chasing malevolent extra-dimensional
lifeforms that harvest human life energy.


Now in 1893, Data enlists the help of his future friend, Enterprise bartender Guinan, a long-lived El Aurian who has secreted herself among San Francisco’s well-to-do and concealed her extraterrestrial origins.


Data and Picard stop the alien predation and save Guinan’s life in the past, and she keeps secret their meeting for the next 500 years to minimize the consequences of their travel through time.



This episode depicts vividly not only the potential power and consequences that time travel as described in disclosure reports may have in our own reality, but also the existence and actions of higher-dimensional entities manipulating spacetime in service to self, a topic we will discuss in depth in an upcoming segm

Thank you very much for watching. I have placed links for the relevant
TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One
philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below.
I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation
episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video. I
hope you have enjoyed this video, and I encourage you to like,
subscribe and share it with your friends.

Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

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