Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #3 – The Borg – Artificial Intelligence – The Secret Space Program

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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the third video in a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

If you missed our previous videos on galactic alliances and time travel, be sure to check them out, not only for some new insight into the Star Trek universe but also for some useful definitions and concepts that will be helpful as our discussions continue to build on that previous content and examine further how depictions of events in Star Trek may actually parallel our own reality.

Our topic for this segment is the direct interface of technology with our biology, encompassing artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, transhumanism, and transgenics. The Star Trek universe is full of fascinating examples of artificial intelligence and advanced cybernetics, but in The Next Generation, the android Data notwithstanding, there is no more obvious example of these related concepts than the Borg Collective, a relentless group of trillions of emotionless cyborg drones controlled by a single hive mind that seeks to assimilate all other sentient lifeforms to service their society’s quest for “perfection”. The Borg dominate the quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy farthest from Earth, and by the time of Picard’s Enterprise they have begun to make inroads into Federation Space, encountering Starfleet vessels with their unflinching ultimatum…


“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

Whether you’re a longtime Trek fan or new to TNG, it’s hard not to find the Borg intriguing, so at the conclusion of this discussion, be sure to watch these three Next Generation Borg episodes: “Q Who” from the second season, the fan-favorite Season 3 cliffhanger “The Best of Both Worlds”, and Season 5’s “I, Borg”. For extra credit, watch the Season 6 cliffhanger “Descent” and the TNG feature film “Star Trek: First Contact”.

So, what is the Borg Collective, really? The Borg are an advanced society synthesized from tens of thousands of other species all linked through technology, sacrificing individuality and free will in pursuit of efficiency and improvement at any cost. The Borg value technology instead of wealth or power, excising parts from their own biological bodies whenever a robotic replacement might serve them better. Without id or ego, they are devoid of all emotion and any concept of self.

What makes TNG’s Borg so dark and so fascinating is that the artificial hive mind of the Collective employs no real hierarchy. Every drone is in instantaneous simultaneous communication with every other drone, affording them immense processing power, tremendous adaptability to new circumstances, and ruthless logic free of emotional complication or regard for others. The Borg seek to bring order to a chaotic galaxy one assimilated drone at a time, and they pursue this reason for being simply because it is their own.


The Borg Collective depicted in TNG stand in sharp contrast to information released from inside the Secret Space Program, which describes advanced species and higher-dimensional entities who appear to employ more stratified forms of linked consciousness, with elite subsets exerting control over the minds of larger subservient groups.

The Borg pursue their highly focused goal and expand their influence through a process they call “assimilation”; they encounter large groups of beings outside the Collective, assess their value, and physically make them into Borg drones using nanotechnology, invasive robotic parasites called nanoprobes that short-circuit independent cognitive function, alter DNA, and create a link to the hive mind while preparing the physical body for augmentation. A formerly free-thinking representative of another sentient species is rebuilt into a fully integrated Borg drone, more machine than person, ready to serve the Collective.


Assimilation as employed by the Borg in Star Trek is different from disclosed SSP reports of extraterrestrials using nanotechnology to exert influence over other groups, including people on Earth. Insiders have described the extraterrestrial use of nanotech robots to influence and coerce specific key individuals in a much more covert, more strategic campaign of manipulation and control, as opposed to the blunt force approach of the fictional Borg.

In Star Trek, the Borg make chilling villains because of their unwavering and remorseless quest to embrace and embody “perfection”, an ideal union of the biological and the synthetic in their physical form and cognition. They are the ultimate transhuminists, invariably accepting that all biological lifeforms must evolve beyond their limitations by using the power of science and technology. For the Borg, the biological components they retain as part of their cyborg selves are simply valuable subsystems integrated with robotic ones to serve the AI of the Collective to better effect, creating capability and synergy not found in lifeforms who are purely biological or purely synthetic. The Borg do employ transgenic procedures, but they do so to facilitate their cybernetic augmentation rather than to enhance their biological function.


Conversely, SSP insiders have painted a very different picture of extraterrestrial factions malevolent toward populations here on Earth, ETs who consider “cyborgs” to be a dead-end technology and have largely evolved away from it in favor of influencing the evolution of Earth humans on a deeper biological level using engineered viral agents and other transgenic procedures over the course of decades and centuries. The disclosed events that may be at work in our reality are apparently much stranger than fiction…


Thank you very much for watching. I have placed links for the relevant TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below. I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video. I hope you have enjoyed this video, and I encourage you to like, subscribe. and share it with your friends.

Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

Stay tuned for next week… Advanced Technologies!

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Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #3 – The Borg – Artificial Intelligence – The Secret Space Program


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