Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #4 – Advanced Technologies – Secret Space Program

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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the fourth video in a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

So far we’ve looked at the scope and challenges of the compelling mission undertaken by Captain Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise on behalf of the Federation, and we have also examined the fascinating recurring tropes of time travel and parallel universes that they encounter in these pursuits. We have explored artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, transhumanism, and transgenics in myriad forms.

Now we will focus on the amazing 24th century technology Star Trek presents and how if disclosed information from the Secret Space Program bears out — an equally bright and remarkable future may be within our reach.

Star Trek: The Next Generation depicts a dazzling array of advanced scientific understanding in every conceivable field that is appreciably grounded in mainstream conventional science and remains consistently valid in-universe. Like most sci-fi, this “Treknology” may require suspension of disbelief in specific instances, but the writers have built faithfully upon these exceptions with logical extensions and conventional science in such a way that dedicated viewers come to understand the open architecture of the science of the 24th Century in a way that feels real to them.

As Picard relates in the TNG crew’s second cinematic adventure, “Star Trek: First Contact”, for the people of Earth in the 24th Century “the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in [their] lives. [Instead, they] seek to better [themselves].

While this dialog may oversimplify the complex nature of pangalactic economics in TNG, there is no doubt that compared to the realities of our world in the 21st Century, life for citizens of the Federation in Picard’s time has been transformed utterly by several categories of incredible advanced technology: limitless free energy, abundance of resources from matter replication and interstellar travel, advanced medical technologies and virtual reality capability that is truly “Next Generation”.


Since the original Star Trek series debuted in the 60s, fans have joked about the only significant material good in that galaxy, dilithium crystals, a convincingly named imaginary component in the Enterprise’s superluminal warp engines that also help power much of the TNG universe. In Star Trek, scientists have learned how to harness the power of the staggeringly energetic reaction of matter with antimatter by using dilithium to modulate it for productive use; it provides virtually limitless, free, clean energy that largely eliminates all struggle for subsistence resources in societies that command this technology. On-screen depictions of the impact and repercussions of power generation technology in TNG can be found in episodes like “Starship Mine”, “Timescape”, and “Force of Nature”.




Are we standing at the threshold of a world where clean, free energy affords us the advantages and opportunities we see in Star Trek? There are some who believe we are. For decades noted insiders and officials have described America’s covert post-World War II acquisition of extraterrestrial power and propulsion technologies first possessed by Nazi Germany involving torsion physics, a theory of energy involving omnipresent fields of emanations generated by the quantum spin of elementary particles. The infamous Nazi bell craft are the most well-known example of this reverse-engineered science, but torsion fields are one of a host of disclosed discoveries with epochal implications and possible origins from other worlds.


So what do Federation citizens of TNG’s 24th Century do with all of this free energy?

They go places and make stuff — just what you or I might do if we had the same resources at our disposal.

Matter-antimatter reaction technology powers two critical capabilities in Picard’s time. Faster-than-light interstellar travel has been part of Earth’s history for 300 years when Picard takes command of the Enterprise, and highly advanced computer-controlled matter replication has been perfected to a point where — with enough energy — almost any resource can be produced as if from thin air. Matter replication and its related technology, matter-energy transportation, or “beaming”, along with FTL travel, create an incredible on-screen galaxy where one can go almost anywhere or have nearly anything one can imagine. Even Trek’s 24th century medicine uses these technologies to astounding effect. However, employing such immense power is not without its drama, as can be seen in the TNG episodes “New Ground”, “Realm of Fear”, “Relics”, and “Second Chances”.




Faster-than-light interstellar travel allowing humankind to reach the stars is the bedrock upon which Star Trek was built. Interviews with SSP insiders including Emery Smith, Clifford Stone, William Tompkins, Niara Isley and Corey Goode confirm that specific factions of humans here on Earth do have autonomous possession of interstellar travel technology, and the existence of a superluminal space naval fleet comprising various sizes and classes of vessels employing tachyon drive has been concealed from the public for many years.


The 24th-century matter replicators of Star Trek: TNG supply the Federation’s Starfleet with abundant resources on demand, almost without limits to their function. By comparison, factions in the SSP are reported to have access to a variety of more limited methods for matter replication and matter resequencing, but many of the details are still not well understood, even by insiders who know these technologies exist.

Perhaps the biggest contrast in these technologies between TNG and the SSP is in its medical applications. Star Trek’s doctors can regenerate living tissue to heal traumatic wounds with the wave of an anabolic protoplaser and can bring the virtually dead back to life, but their patients do still grow old and eventually die. Genetic engineering and eugenic science are well understood, but they are strictly regulated within the Federation. The equally incredible medical technology of the Secret Space Program apparently includes medical pods that treat disease, regenerate tissue, and even support the regrowth of entire limbs, but details on process remain sparse. Chemically augmented supersoldier research within projects like MKUltra may combine pharmaceutical enhancements with genetic ones. Insider William Thompkins spent decades involved in age regression research based on telomeric manipulation techniques reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial sources; this age regression is employed to allow SSP assets to do their jobs while helping to keep the Secret Space Program secret.


On Deck 11 of Picard’s Starship Enterprise is the Holographic Environmental Simulator — or “holodeck” — perhaps the most mind-bending of all the Federation’s 24th century technologies. The holodeck goes far beyond our virtual reality, bringing together complex holographic imaging, real-time matter replication, force fields, and pansensory stimuli in a virtually seamless and utterly convincing simulated environment. Objects you
see become real when you touch them and insubstantial when you put them back down. You can walk a mile away from your companion without ever being more than 30 meters away. Complex interactions take place with people who do not exist. Any environment you can imagine — real or otherwise — can be created in the holodeck and explored for education, leisure, or research.

The installation of holodeck on a starship that travels the galaxy is ironic, and it invites the question: Why GO anywhere when you can BRING anywhere right to you and experience it more safely and easily without ever leaving the comfort of your own solar system?

Author and researcher David Wilcock has revealed through his whistleblower interviews with Corey Goode a host of what he calls “hyperrealistic virtual reality” technologies used within the Secret Space Program, everything from highly advanced but otherwise conventional VR goggles to direct computer-controlled stimulation of the brain’s sensory cortex to create simulated experiences for training and research that are virtually indistinguishable from reality and that engage every sense — very different from the mechanics of Trek’s holodeck but just as fascinating a prospect.

The eventual access to of all of these technologies may actually hold the potential not only to collapse the current global economic system but also to usher in a golden age for our planet, one in which our society would be made secure through sustainable subsistence, free to develop our understanding and evolve our consciousness in exponential bounds without many of the constraints that burden us today. Some argue that such abundance would beget complacency, but if you accept that humans are inherently industrious and creative beings, then it becomes hard to see the down side to our overcoming these obstacles with the benefits of this advanced technology.

Perhaps each of us has a moral imperative to demand transparency in regard to this valuable information if it is indeed being kept secret. On that point, Star Trek is unequivocal; to quote Captain Picard, “[our] first duty is to the truth.”


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Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

Stay tuned next week for our discussion of our next topic, “Service to Self”!

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