Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #5 – Service to Self – Secret Space Program – Law of One

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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the fifth video in a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

So far in our survey of Star Trek TNG, we have explored the operation of galactic alliances like the Federation, the possibilities of time travel and parallel universes, the concepts of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, transhumanism, and the [potential] impact of a variety advanced technologies.

Now we will focus on the philosophical concept of service to self as Star Trek presents it — beings acting outside of alignment with unity, harmony, and free will — to see how on-screen depictions compare with our understanding of Law of One philosophy today, as it has come to us from various sources beyond our planet and our physical reality.

Philosophically speaking, “service to self” subsumes all acts by sentient beings outside of alignment with unity, harmony, and free will — out of alignment with the Law of One.

What is the Law of One? It is a set of twelve universal spiritual and philosophical principles that govern our reality. The guiding principle of the Law of One is that of unity, that all is one, and that all things that exist are ultimately of the same consciousness with many forms and configurations. This is an idea that Star Trek has advanced since its early days in the Original Series. Followers of Law of One philosophy affirm that planet Earth is in an evolutionary period of learning and mastering this Universal Law, appreciating that every action, thought, and choice has a corresponding effect in our collective consciousness as well as our own individual lives.

According to our multidimensional guardians and teachers inside benevolent factions of the Secret Space Program, the greatest good that humanity can generate stems from service aligned with the Law of One, and the greatest infringements on this universal law are challenges to the free will of other beings — or any activities that do not take love and light into consideration. Entities who have yet to accept that there is no separation between the self and others when compassion, sensitivity, and empathy are embraced take a darker path we call “service to self”.

Let’s look at some examples encountered by the crew of the Enterprise on its continuing mission…



As Next Generation’s first season draws to a close, in the episode “Skin of Evil” the Enterprise crew receives an emergency distress signal from Counselor Troi and her pilot, whose shuttlecraft has crash-landed on a desolate planet. When the ship’s rescue team arrives, they find Troi and her comrade alive but trapped within the shuttle, cut off by a bizarre energy field that prevents matter-energy transport and enveloped completely by an amoebic alien lifeform that calls itself Armus. When the team tries to reach Troi, Armus [draws its inky, amorphous form into a vaguely humanoid shape and] blocks their way; when they try to skirt the alien’s obstacle, Armus murders Security Chief Yar with a psychokinetic blast and threatens to kill Troi and her pilot as well.

During tense dialogues with the creature, punctuated at points by its shocking and sadistic actions aimed at other crewmembers, Armus reveals to Troi that he is a concentrated physical manifestation of malevolence, sloughed off and abandoned by an ancient alien population seeking to evolve to a higher state of existence.

Armus’s cruel games continue until Troi senses empathically that the creature derives psychic energy from the negative emotions its actions elicit in others. She communicates her discovery to the crew, who learn that by distracting the creature sufficiently they can cause the force field around the shuttle to abate. Captain Picard himself engages with Armus, affording his crew an opportunity to mount another rescue attempt using the transporter, ending with the successful retrieval of the hostages. He issues a planetwide quarantine and leaves Armus alone again with no one upon whom to inflict pain or bring woe.

According to insiders within the Secret Space Program, there are sentient etheric entities similar in nature to Armus that inhabit our galaxy, feeding off of negative energy and emotions, known as louche (or “loosh”) energy. [We see this same Trek trope in Season 5’s “Time’s Arrow”.] In this episode Armus may have been created by such beings striving to release their attachment to negative energy in an effort to ascend spiritually, but It is unclear if they were aware of Armus’ existence or whether his abandonment was intentional or an unavoidable consequence of their evolution.



In the fourth season’s second episode, “Where Silence Has Lease”, the Starship Enterprise becomes trapped in a mysterious black void in space. Without stars and other spatial references, the empty expanse foils the crew’s attempts to navigate and escape.

Suddenly presented with an enemy Romulan warship that is too easily dispatched — and — with equal improbability immediately thereafter — a friendly Starfleet vessel that turns out to be an empty simulacrum, the Captain becomes suspicious. When portals to normal space suddenly appear on the ship’s sensors and then close before the Enterprise can reach them, Picard takes umbrage at being toyed with, stops chasing the sensor ghosts, and sends out a hail demanding a parley with whomever is orchestrating these ruses.

The ship’s captor presents himself, an extradimensional being called Nagilum who pokes and prods the Enterprise and its crew without remorse or regard for their rights as sentient beings — to fatal effect in one instance. Nagilum claims his “experiments” are an attempt to explore the the concept of death and the “limited existence” of humanoids, and he informs Picard that half of the ship’s crew may perish in the process.

Picard refuses to submit to the alien’s whim, and after consulting with his officers and informing the crew, initiates the Enterprise’s self-destruct sequence rather than let his people suffer under Naligum’s scrutiny. Unable to stay the Captain’s course of action, Nagilum suspends his experiments on the Enterprise crew, resigned to the idea that he has nothing in common with humanoids. Picard points out that Starfleet adopts its own mission of exploration and discovery, and they achieve similar goals with markedly different standards and practices.

In terms of Law of One philosophy, Nagilum is another example of a being polarized in service to self. He has yet to arrive at the understanding that we are all one; he views all others as separate and himself as superior, and to evolve he must activate the heart center, the source of light, love, compassion, and empathy. SSP intelligence describes groups of sentient beings with aims and perspectives similar to Nagilum’s in TNG, most notably factions like the Draco Alliance with goals of conquest and a belief that might makes right; these groups have yet to understand that to harm another is to harm oneself.



In TNG Season 6’s “Schisms” insomnia and mysterious symptoms plague the crew of the Enterprise, who realize they have been sharing the same strange, dreamlike recollections. Dr. Crusher discovers that the crew’s neurochemistry is off and that several officers have been subjected to inexplicable invasive procedures of which they have no memory. When a subspace rift appears in one of the cargo bays, endangering the ship, and a missing crewmember suddenly reappears and dies, the crew suspects a connection between these strange occurrences.

The Enterprise officers uncover the truth, that the crew is under stealthy attack by hostile aliens from another universe, a threat species abducting and examining Starfleet personnel to look for exploitable weakness as a potential prelude to invasion. Predicting Commander Riker is likely to be taken again, they devise a scheme to keep him coherent and effective during the kidnapping, allowing him to disrupt the aliens’ procedures and rescue his missing comrade from their universe.

When Riker springs the trap, his mission is a success; fighting his way back he returns safely to the ship with his crewmate just as the Enterprise forces the subspace rift closed. A strange object follows Riker through the portal and disappears into deep space, one he and Captain Picard worry may be an alien probe that could mean the invaders may try to return in the future.


There are malevolent exterrestrials known to factions in the SSP that make a practice of the covert abduction of other species. Reports of abduction by subgroups of Grey aliens have pervaded mainstream culture, and insiders describe ETs taking Earth humans for research, trafficking, and slave labor purposes. Apparently, Earth humans have unique aptitudes and are a very profitable commodity among certain malevolent ET groups. With so many possible motives for abduction of humans by malevolent extraterrestrials, it can be difficult to assess the ultimate threats posed in specific instances, but perhaps through embracing the concept of universal Unity from the Law of One as we reach out to the stars, we can cast light down even the darkest paths.

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I have placed links for relevant TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below. I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video.

Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

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Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #5 – Service to Self – Secret Space Program – Law of One


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