Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #6 – Mind Control – Secret Space Program

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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the sixth video in a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In our previous segment, we branched out from our exploration of similarities between TNG and disclosed accounts from the Secret Space Program to examine the concept of service to self as depicted in Star Trek, framed in the context of Law of One philosophy.

Continuing on that path, we will now look at what the Law of One considers the most fundamental of challenges to free will, the employment of mind control techniques by extraterrestrial entities.

“I think, therefore I am.” Philosopher Rene Descartes’s axiom is regarded as a key foundation of modern Western thought, the idea that to question one’s own thoughts is proof of the existence not only of one’s mind but also of oneself. But where do our thoughts come from? Mainstream neuroscience describes the biological hardware and mechanisms employed during our cognition, when the excitable cells in our brains called neurons create the potentially limitless networks for electrochemical communication that give rise to every thought that anyone has ever had.

Our minds are powerful tools, and the thought of others subverting our control of our own cognition and actions is a chilling one. Given what we think we know about how the mind works, how might such mind control even be possible?

Biological attacks on the mind — potentially including psychic ones — would involve selective interference of nerve conduction and neurotransmission by other living beings using organic means.

Technological attacks on the mind would include everything from pharmaceuticals to nanotechnology that directly targets, interrupts, and supercedes the very thoughts that define us in the Cartesian sense.

Psychological attacks on the mind are understood to comprise exposures to specific conditioning stimuli with precision, repetition, and intensity to weaken the mind’s defenses and leave it open to malevolent outside influence.

Let’s take a look at each of these types of mind control as depicted in Star Trek: The Next Generation and disclosed by those inside the Secret Space Program…



When Captain Picard receives a top-secret coded transmission from an old comrade in the episode “Conspiracy” at the tail end of the Next Generation’s first season, he is summoned to a clandestine meeting of top-tier starship captains on a deserted mining planet and warned to keep a watchful eye on the Federations highest echelons. When his friend’s ship is destroyed, Picard takes the Starship Enterprise back to Earth to investigate matters at Starfleet Headquarters and assess the threat.

On Earth, command officers attempt to assuage Picard’s concerns, but there are subtle clues in their strange behavior that convince him and his senior officers to tread carefully. One admiral boards the Enterprise on a protocol visit and reveals the conspiracy during his attempted takeover of the starship. The top brass at Starfleet have been compromised, their minds controlled and their bodies supercharged by sentient species of parasitic exo-arthropods that burrow into human bodies and take over brain function by camping at the base of the brain. The hijacked Admiral attacks Riker, La Forge, and Worf before Dr. Crusher subdues him and discovers the alien inside.

Picard is undercover planetside with the alien-controlled admiralty when they reveal their takeover plot and plans for the invasion of Federation territory. A revived and recovered Riker arrives at HQ, feigning alien influence, and he helps Picard launch a sneak attack to turn the tables on the infiltrators and foil the aliens’ operation by locating and destroying the alien “mother creature” masquerading in the shadows as a humble Starfleet adjutant.

There seem to be no clear examples of mind control disclosed in SSP accounts that parallel directly the parasitic biological “hijacking” of sentients by sentients seen in TNG’s “Conspiracy”, but we do have accounts by insiders like Corey Goode about dangerous reptilian extraterrestrials who can control or assault outright the mind of another humanoid with their psychic attacks.



In “The Mind’s Eye” episode from the fourth season, Chief Engineer La Forge is abducted by Romulans while returning to the Enterprise by shuttlecraft from his vacation on the pleasure planet Risa. Romulan scientists exploit the sophisticated direct neural connections of the VISOR device he wears to see. They condition La Forge aggressively, reprogram him into an undercover assassin, and return him to his craft, receptive to their transmissions and under their direct control.

Back on the Enterprise, the brainwashed La Forge joins his fellow officers who are intervening as the Klingons quell problems on the the border of their empire. The Klingon ambassador and the local territorial governor investigate claims that the Federation is arming and assisting a rebel faction in Klingon space. With evidence mounting against them, the Starfleet crew discovers a false-flag operation by the Romulans to foment distrust and break the Klingon-Federation alliance, a fate La Forge is to seal by assassinating the Klingon governor while under the covert Romulan mind control.

Fortunately, Lt. Cmdr. Data uncovers the truth in time and Lt. Worf intercedes to prevent the shooting. The Klingon ambassador is found to be in league with the Romulans, who retreat, and he is left at the “mercy” of the Empire. This course of events leaves the recovering La Forge noticeably shaken by his harrowing mind control experience as he returns to duty.

Levels of mind control established through both chemical and sensory stimuli exposure have been part of various conventional covert psy-ops programs for decades. Project MKUltra may be the most infamous of these, using a range of techniques with pharmaceuticals toward a variety of goals, from supersoldier enhancement to population pacification. While neither as sophisticated nor as invasive as those seen in Star Trek, these disclosed techniques for technological mind control are potentially just as dangerous to our freedom. That said, Corey Goode in his interviews confirms the use of sophisticated nanotechnology in the creation of “programmable lifeforms”, such as groups of Grey ETs, cadres of biological robots following complex behavioral scripts installed in them by other beings.



TNG’s fifth-season episode “The Game” opens with Commander Riker’s return to the Enterprise after his own eventful vacation, again on the pleasure planet Risa. (What is it about these pleasure planets?!) Riker is still savoring his serendipitous encounter with an alluring Ktarian woman he met there. One trinket he picked up on vacation was a gift from the woman, a simple yet compelling augmented reality game played by neural connection using a small wearable headset. In typical Risian fashion, the apparently innocuous electronic pastime — a sort of hands-free 24th-century Tetris — rewards the brain’s pleasure center with each level accomplished. Riker shows the game to all his crewmates, and replicated headsets soon find their way all over the ship.

Of course, the game is far from harmless, as it subliminally conditions its quickly addicted users to be susceptible to mind control through suggestion much like hypnosis while being lulled into a sense of complacency and contentment, a secret takeover plot by Ktarian operatives targeting the Enterprise. The only Enterprise crewmember invulnerable to the effects of the game, the android Data, is rendered inoperative by Dr. Crusher while under mind control herself, as the covert mission advances.

Crusher’s son, Wesley, a Starfleet Academy cadet visiting the Enterprise, surmises that something is wrong with his mother and the other senior officers, and he enlists the help of an Ensign Lefler, the last woman standing unaffected by the game, to uncover the Ktarian plot. The duo find and affect repairs on Data, and manage to evade the compromised Enterprise crew for some time. Eventually, Wesley and Lefler are captured and brought under control, but the revived Data improvises a means to short-circuit the game’s hypnotic effect and liberate his crewmates. Picard captures the Ktarian vessel captained by the agent overseeing the takeover, and he brings its crew to justice.


Corey Goode has shed light on the Draco Alliance, a negative faction co-opting part of the Secret Space Program to assist them in the subjugation of populations throughout our galaxy; the Draco combine abduction with mind control conditioning to steer influential individuals to their advantage — all without abductees becoming aware that they were taken or programmed. These affected victims carry on as normal but are left compelled to carry out assigned tasks when triggered by specific events, stealthy secret weapons in a covert war of subversion and control.

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I have placed links for the relevant TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below.

I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video.

Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

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Joy Jackson is a professional psychic, medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.

Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #6 – Mind Control – Secret Space Program


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