Full Moon in Scorpio, April 29, 2018




On Sunday, April 29, 2018 we will have a full moon in Scorpio, with the Sun in opposition in the sign of Taurus.

The full moon is a time when our dreams tend to become more vivid and lucid, and our emotions tend to run higher. It is also a time of culmination, and the assurance of completion of that which began at the prior new moon.

Taurean sun energy moves us to find healthier ways to feel more grounded and secure, and to cultivate gratitude for the simple joys and pleasures in life.

Meanwhile, a Scorpio moon draws our attention inwards towards our life’s complexities, intangibles, and mysteries
This full moon provides us with an invitation to harmonize these two energies.

The full moon is a supportive time to express ourselves, and for illuminating issues that were already there that have been left unresolved. A Mars-Pluto alignment, and it’s square North node during this lunation will color the picture with elements of intensity, transformation and growth. These potent energies could move us out of our comfort zones with a bit of a jolt, that could feel disorienting or disruptive initially. However, the balance with Saturn during this transit reminds us that we must create solid foundations for anything in our lives we wish to sustain toward our long-term growth and success.

This lunar phase takes place at 9 degrees and 39 minutes of Scorpio, forming an opposition to the Sun at 9 degrees and 39 minutes Taurus, affecting people born with natal planets and points at approximately 6 to 14 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) the most.

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.



Full Moon in Scorpio, April 29, 2018



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