Backyard Mystic’s Guide to Star Trek: TNG #7 – Multidimensionality – Q – SSP – Law of One

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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. This is the sixth video in a limited series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In our previous segment, we delved deep into the inner workings of the brain and cognition as we focused on mind control in the Next Generation universe, comparing it to our intelligence from the Secret Space Program. If you missed our last video presentation, be sure to check it out.

Our topic for today shifts focus outward into the universe to explore multidimensionality — existence beyond our common perceptions of reality.


Consider being able to go wherever you want, whenever you want, whenever in time you want, and do whatever you want to do, all with minimal oversight or constraint and the ability to recreate your reality to suit your changing whim if you ever have reason to reconsider. This is the life of Q, Star Trek TNG’s quintessential multidimensional entity, an upstart member of a collective of powerful beings, known as the Continuum, who understand time as nonlinear, perceive existence outside a binary state of life or death, and command a panoply of virtually limitless powers.



Examining TNG’s last — and perhaps greatest — story first, the series finale “All Good Things…” opens with Captain Picard’s consciousness jumping inexplicably between three distinct points in past, present, and future time. Picard becomes aware of a mysterious spacetime anomaly six years in the past, and its investigation diverts them from their original mission and initial encounter with Q. In the present, the anomaly is present in a diminished form, and twenty-five years in the future it is undetectable until an elderly retired Picard reunites with his former crew and scans for it actively. As the mystery unfolds, Q appears to challenge Picard. He informs the Captain that the Continuum’s trial of humanity that began with the first encounter had merely adjourned but never concluded, and now the very existence of the human race is in Picard’s hands.

Q’s cryptic news prompts Picard to enlist the help of his crewmates across the years, and together they learn that the anomaly flows through time in a direction counter to that which humans perceive. With this revelation, Picard confronts Q, and the being transports Picard back billions of years in time, where the anomaly has grown so vast it covers an entire quadrant of our galaxy, effectively destroying Earth and humanity before they ever come into being.

Returning to each point in Picard’s timeline, the Captain convinces all three Enterprise crews to travel to the anomaly and use their ships to surround it with a static warp bubble, putting the three vessels in existential peril that not all of them can survive. Fortunately, Picard’s plan works; the anomaly is isolated and extinguished, the Continuum is satisfied that humanity can evolve given Picard’s solution despite his “limited” perception, and Picard’s consciousness returns to the present with renewed faith, gratitude, and sense of purpose.

According to L/L Research, Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode, and other sources, we are in contact with evolved beings that perceive and experience time as non-linear and bidirectional.



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What must it be like when entities experience time unconstrained by direction or connection? For beings for whom time is more fluid, there must be staggering implications for the definition of causality. How must their existence be enhanced by perception and control of time beyond that which we ourselves currently possess? Do such beings influence and manipulate events through time to further their goals as perceived in aggregate?

Disclosed SSP reports describe a group of benevolent noncorporeal multidimensional beings of luminous energy, referred to as the Sphere Being Alliance, a civilization evolved and advanced to a level that challenges our comprehension. The Sphere Beings seem to perceive time with exactly these degrees of freedom, while still engaging here in our current reality with species of more limited scope.




Shot through his artificial heart by an energy weapon, Captain Picard dies at the outset of the Sixth Season episode, “Tapestry”. The late Enterprise captain awakens in a shimmering white void; Q is present, insisting it is the Afterlife and that he is the Supreme Being. Picard balks. Q shrugs off his incredulity, chiding the Captain’s decision to pick a reckless bar fight during his Starfleet Academy days, a choice that led to him being stabbed and later fit with the coronary replacement that left him susceptible to the blast that ended his Enterprise command — and cost him his life — years later.

When Picard expresses regret over his brash youth, Q transports him back in time and gives him the opportunity to change his ways. Living his Academy times over again, new choices — including backing down from the fight — start to change Picard’s reality, which unfolds differently than the events he remembers, and when Q returns him to the “present” at the time of his death — Picard is alive and well again aboard the Enterprise, albeit as an unremarkable junior grade astrophysics officer, having never attained his captaincy or experienced all the adventures of his storied career.

Understanding the value of wisdom gained from poor choices and accepting the pointlessness of regret, Picard tells Q he chooses dying as a leader over living as a drone. Q returns Picard to his original existence and grants him a new lease on life, as he awakens in Dr. Crusher’s Sickbay, recovering from what should have been a mortal wound. Picard is unsure if his experience was real or imagined; only the value of his new perspective on existence is certain.

Given the complex nature of the relationship we believe the SSP’s Sphere Beings have with time, if such abilities to navigate the universe are within the realm of sentient beings, then it seems likely that the idea of parallel timelines in the “Many Worlds” sense — in which the consequences of all possible events play out colaterally — must be its logical corollary, and the perception of parallel events in aggregate is the essence of a multidimensional existence outside our common binary state. By necessity, their consciousness spans and frames multiple “lanes” on the highway of spacetime, Their actions influencing events in any particular timeline are likely perceived not in isolation but as a changing element in an infinite set of independent analogous outcomes; their evaluation of their attainment of goals must employ similarly fuzzy logic. Therefore, multidimensional existence truly affords one “the big picture” in superlative terms.



In “True Q”, TNG Season 6 Episode 6, when the crew discovers that a young Starfleet intern working aboard the Enterprise harbors incredible emerging powers to control spacetime and alter reality, Q arrives. He explains to Picard that the young woman, an orphan adopted and raised on Earth, is actually of Q heritage, and he has been sent by the Continuum to investigate her. If Q determines the girl is “true Q” he intends to bring her to back to reside within the Continuum, where the Q can oversee her and teach her responsible use of her powers; if she is determined to be “something else” — a human hybrid of some kind — Q is under orders from the Continuum to execute her, as an undisciplined and inexperienced entity with the powers of the Q could theoretically destroy the galaxy. Picard takes umbrage at the news, informing Q that despite the entity’s near-limitless power, Starfleet will defend the young woman’s safety and freedom to live as she will. Q decides the girl is indeed Q and says the Continuum will grant her freedom to live among humans if she abstains from using her incredible powers. The intern is soon forced by circumstance to use her ability to manipulate spacetime in order to save a planet from disaster, and Q is there to bear witness; after offering a despondent farewell, the young Q leaves with her elder to join the Continuum and experience a new phase of existence among her own kind.

On Star Trek, Q demonstrates powers from the breathtaking to the absurd; time and space are his playground, bounded only by his imagination and whims. The abilities of higher-dimensional entities disclosed in SSP intelligence are less will understood but may indeed be just as great. Reports of teleportation and travel across great distances have been disclosed, and evolution to configure matter and control time without the need for technology has been rumored. This suggests extraterrestrial guardians of humanity such as the Sphere Beings are members of a multidimensional civilization that comprehends the nature of matter, the laws of physics, and the dimensions of time and space with a sophistication orders of magnitude greater than ours at the current point in our evolution.


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