Full Moon in Sagittarius, Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The morning of May 29th, a full moon takes place as the Gemini Sun opposes the Moon in Sagittarius. Full moon lunations are a time for reaping what we have sown that which was initiated as of the last new moon.



Are we feeling loony?
Our dreams are also affected by the lunar cycle. About five days prior to a full moon our dreams become stronger and clearer, peaking with the energy of the full moon. If we are not centered, the full moon can scatter our energy and our dreams may seem strange. We may become emotional, anxious or depressed during a full moon cycle, and experience our energy fluctuating to extremes. The more grounded we are entering this lunar cycle however, the less we are affected by external influences. The full moon represents a time of high energy and high power, and is a time to release and let go of all that no longer serves us in order to greet the new. In the cycle of death and rebirth, the full moon represents the initiation phase of death.

Gemini embodies the mind, and Sagittarius represents our higher awareness. The Sun in Gemini asks we think clearly and logically, while this Sagittarius full moon encourages us to be more intuitive and open minded. This full moon will help us to find a balance between these two polarities, and bring about more openness, and a sense of adventure.


This lunation will illuminate any areas in our lives where we may have an inner conflict between logic and faith, and push us to express our feelings and emotions that come up around these issues. Because much of what we will be releasing will be more emotional in nature than rational during this period, it maybe wise to do our best to exercise some tact and care in our communications with others.


This full moon transit forms a broad square with Neptune, and this energy has the potential to inspire us, or if we are ungrounded or remain focused, the potential to derail our plans. The Sun forms a trine to Mars, bringing us the fortitude we need to see our plans through, and to release anything that is no longer serving our higher good.


Joy Jackson is a professional psychic, medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.





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