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Hi, I’m Joy Jackson, the Backyard Mystic. All good things must come to an end, and this installment completes our video series exploring concepts related to extraterrestrial disclosure and Law of One philosophy as revealed in selected episodes of Gene Roddenberry‘s classic science fiction television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In our previous segment, we examined alien cultures predating humans on Earth in Star Trek by millions and even billions of years. Perhaps the most significant among them — believed to be the first sentient lifeforms in the Milky Way Galaxy within the Star Trek Universe — is a race of ancient humanoids known as the Progenitors.



QUOTE: The work continued. I made a discovery so profound in its implications that silence seemed the wisest course. This work has occupied my every waking thought, it’s intruded upon my dreams, it’s become my life. When finished and I announce my findings, it will be heard half way across the galaxy. — Dr. Richard Galen

A single Next Generation episode provides virtually all of our information and understanding about the species known as the Progenitors that comes to us from on-screen canon sources.



In “The Chase”, TNG Season 6 episode 20, an archaeologist and revered mentor from Picard’s academy days, Dr. Richard Galen, entreats the Captain on an expedition of profound scientific and galactic import, and the crew of the Enterprise find themselves in a race alongside Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian scientists to solve the mystery of the Progenitors.

With some assistance from Commander Riker, Galen arrives unannounced aboard the Enterprise and presents his former star pupil Picard with a priceless artifact, a rare figurine called a nexus from the Kurlan System, in an attempt to rekindle old passions and enlist Picard’s help on a months-long expedition. When the Captain tries delicately to proffer his current Starfleet command duties as taking priority over an important expedition, he receives a stern reproach from Galen, who departs soon thereafter via shuttlecraft with the rift between mentor and student still apparent.



When Galen’s shuttlecraft is later attacked and disabled, Captain Picard finds his former mentor mortally wounded. These circumstances prompt Picard to investigate, and he finds among Galen’s protected computer files a series of numeric sequences, which turn out to be genetic data on various species from many different planets. When the Enterprise visits planets on Galen’s expedition itinerary, clues lead Picard and Doctor Crusher to discover that the disparate DNA sequences have unexpected cross-compatibility, and Engineer La Forge determines that the combined genetic data contains an artificially constructed algorithm for deciphering a hidden message within the genetic code in lifeforms scattered across the galaxy.

Picard’s quest ultimately brings him to Loren III in the Kurlan System, origin of the figurine he received from Galen, where rival Klingon, Cardassian, and Romulan teams are striving to solve the same mystery. After a series of tense negotiations — and some treachery — Picard, La Forge, and Crusher decipher a holographic message recorded by a member of the Progenitor species billions of years before, one that describes briefly the history and the goals of the Progenitors, revealing the common origin of humanoid sentient life across the galaxy — including the species bearing witness — and confirming the hope of these ancients for unity and peace.



The on-screen depiction from one TNG episode provides a relatively sparse history of the Progenitor species, but combining dialog references with supplemental information from other sources considered canon within the Star Trek franchise, we can begin to put together a picture of this ancient race.

The Progenitors evolved in the same half of the galaxy as Earth about the same time as our solar system, about four and a half billion years ago. It is suggested that they were peaceable and introspective in nature. This is foreshadowed in the episode by the naiksos figurine artifact presented to Picard, which is an individual containing a harmonious “ community of individuals” within it, each with its own voice, another conspicuous subtext of Roddenberry’s “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” philosophy.

The Progenitors accomplished much over millennia and reached out into the stars, spacefaring in search of others like themselves, but they encountered no other sentient life. After billions of years of cultural evolution in isolation, they embarked on a program to engineer sentient life themselves, another clear reference to the value of diversity in the evolution of the cosmos.

The Progenitors were successful in combining their own DNA with that of lower indigenous lifeforms from planets throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of the Galaxy, seeding dozens (if not hundreds) of habitable worlds with genetic blueprints to evolve sentient species having the same basic humanoid biology and somatic plan. The Progenitors seem to have disappeared from Trek’s archaeological record around two billion years ago, with their grand experiment still in progress; their only connection to the species they’d helped to create was the encoded message fragmented and hidden within the genes they’d contributed as their biological legacy.


According to author and lecturer David Wilcock, insiders within the Secret Space Program, and the omnipotent entity RA from the RA: Material Law of One book series, the extraterrestrials from the society known as the Ancient Builder Race, sometimes referred to as the Guardians, are a group of highly advanced beings, allegedly responsible for guiding human evolution.


In order to avoid being wiped out, the Ancient Builders ventured out from their planet of origin, and colonized our solar system along with others, seeding the galaxy with the precursors for sentient life. Existing at a higher level of consciousness and awareness than we do, these extraterrestrials now oversee management and transfer of planetary populations across the stars.


What happened to the Progenitors in Star Trek? This is a fervently discussed topic among hardcore Trek fans. There is little evidence of their fate in established canon material, but some fundamental investigation — and a little Vulcan logic [Vulcan salute] — can help us make some educated guesses as to the possibilities.

Some viewers advance the idea that the Progenitors simply died out. After all, natural disasters happen, stars go supernova, and wars rage, so this is certainly one theoretical possibility, but perhaps an unlikely one. The Progenitors were on the galactic stage for at least two and a half billion years. They traveled across the galaxy to many worlds, so scenarios of disaster and internal conflict that would seem plausible as explanations for the end of planetbound civilizations gain much less traction.

Others suggest that the peaceable Progenitors might have have actually been destroyed by one of the child races they engineered. This Godwinesque theory, reminiscent of Mary Shelley’s creature slaying his creator in Frankenstein is interesting but potentially flawed, since Trek canon sources seem to indicate that the next oldest sentient species in the galaxy were the Taguin, which only appear in the material culture record after the disappearance of the Progenitors about two billion years ago.

Another popular fan theory explaining the disappearance of the Progenitors is that they evolved beyond their corporeal biological form into beings of pure energy and light. This transition to “higher-density” levels of existence outside our normative perception of reality is not only consistent with precedent established for other species from Star Trek’s Original Series, such as the Orgainians and the Metrons, but also consistent with ideas in real-world ascension culture and Law of One philosophy. This transitional evolution for the Progenitors may hold the most internal validity as a plausible explanation for events of their denouement.

According to SSP insiders the Ancient Builders evolved beyond their corporeal biological forms into social/memory/complexes, which are conjoined spirits acting as a unified collective of energy of a higher density. They continue to inhabit our galaxy as our higher-dimensional guardians. According to the omnipotent social/memory/complex RA, the Guardians faithfully continue to oversee our evolution as spiritual guides, to be of service to us when called, and to balance the energies of our Universe as needed.

Star Trek’s Progenitors laid the in-universe groundwork for human evolution on Earth and disappeared long before their creations ever achieved sentience. Even so, they took great pains to record, encode, and preserve a message of peace and unity for their descendants to guide them on a moral and spiritual path as part of their legacy.

When Picard, his crewmates, the Klingon captain, and the away teams the Romulan and Cardassian vessels witness the recorded projection, it becomes clear that the sole goal of the communication from these evolved beings was to inspire their offspring with the simple idea that their fellowship has great value and that the acceptance of a philosophy of unity will serve to free them from strife and allow their higher selves to flourish and prosper.

When Picard solves the mystery and the existence, the influence, and the message of the Progenitors are revealed, their impact is clear and simple (just the way Gene Roddenberry liked things). We — the galactic “we” — are truly all one. The rivalries, disputes, and conflicts between sentient species — and, by corollary, within them — instantly abate — even if the Cardassians are loathe to accept the truth…

Of all the possible messages the Progenitors could have handed down, it is significant that this powerful idea of unity is the one they chose, a philosophy almost directly congruent with the Law of One.

From inside the Secret Space Program, we have learned that the Ancient Builder race has evolved over millennia to be benevolent stewards of our galaxy, working outside our scope here on Earth. Reports say there are evolved civilizations continuing their stewardship and waiting to disclose their existence to us — along with our true origins — at a point when we ourselves have evolved to be a more conscious, loving, and peaceful society.

The Star Trek universe and these heretofore cryptic sources own reality seem to share this view, that the path to unity and spiritual awakening is itself rich with rewards as part of the experience of exploration in the final frontier.

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I have placed links for relevant TNG episode synopses and reference information regarding Law of One philosophy and the Secret Space Program in the description box below. I invite you to leave a comment regarding these Next Generation episodes and others that address the topics discussed in this video.
Peace, love, prosperity, and long life…

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