The Ascension Series!



For those of you that may not yet have heard, I have had the privilege of being a a reoccurring guest on Waking Up! on Solutionary TV with Dr. Tatiana Irvin’s new Ascension Series Live Show, hosted by Dr. Tatiana, and co-hosted by Jenessee Roy. This series was created for the sole purpose of supporting YOU in your ascension process!

You won’t want to miss these segments!

If you like what you hear in these videos, I strongly encourage you to like, subscribe, share them with your friends, and to consider supporting this fantastic new high-vibe series!

Lots of love,



Watch here: Ascension Series Ep 2 w/ Dr. Tatiana, Jenesee Roy & Guest, Joy Jackson the BYM


Watch here: Claim Your Sovereignty! Ascension Series, w/ Dr. Tatiana, Jenessee Roy & Guest, Joy Jackson the BYM

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic, medium and intuitive guide in the Pacific Northwest.

Come visit my YouTube channel here!

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The Ascension Series!



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